Automatic feeder AF-500
Automatic feeder AF-500

Automatic feeder AF-500

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Jebao Automatic feeder AF-500

The Jebao AF-500 is a programmable automatic feeder that makes feeding your fish easier than ever. With intelligent IC control, you can adjust the amount of food, frequency, and duration of feeding. 3 AA alkaline batteries are included in the box, providing convenience and practicality.

With adjustable daily feeding schedule, the timer of the Jebao AF-500 can be synchronized with the local time, allowing your fish to be automatically fed up to 6 times a day. You can adjust the amount of food per feeding period up to a maximum of 9 times.

The multifunctional and compact design of the Jebao AF-500 allows for easy filling and can accommodate up to 500ml of food in pellets up to 3mm. This means you don't have to worry about feeding your fish during your absences.

Note: Come with New Zealand Power Plug
         1 Year Warranty


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