Coral Reef Aquarium Lens Kit
Coral Reef Aquarium Lens Kit
Coral Reef Aquarium Lens Kit
Coral Reef Aquarium Lens Kit

Coral Reef Aquarium Lens Kit

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Smartphone Coral Lens Kit (4 Lens)

Orphek Coral Lens Kit for smartphones is the latest and coolest Orphek gadget designed specifically for photography of corals and aquariums.

These lens will blow your mind! Not only that, it is the ultimate gift for your fellow reefers!

Take Orphek gadget anywhere you go!

Take amazing pictures of your corals and please send to us. We will love to know where you are when exploring Nature! 

If you like to take amazing photos of your corals and aquarium, the Orphek Coral Lens Kit for smartphones will render you amazing pictures. And why is that? Because the pictures will look like your aquarium in real life for the first time! You will get professional quality to your pictures due to our special lens.


If you are a reefer with a smartphone you know that no matter how you good you are in taking photos, the pictures you take with smartphones never look exactly how your aquarium really are… BUT, combining our 15,000k Orange Lens with our 20,000k Yellow Lens you will be able to reproduce the exact natural look of your aquarium in your pictures!

If you notice that sometimes you have light reflection and glare on your photos when trying to take pictures of your aquarium with smartphones, our CPL 37mm is reduces light reflection and increases color saturation!

If you wish to take the best closeups photos with details never seen before with pictures taken with smartphones, our MACRO Lens for Close up Photos will blow your mind!


The answer is quite simple! Because it is the only Lens Kit in the market today specifically designed for aquarium photography. Other kits do not provide the yellow and orange lens that you need to take perfect pictures of your tank! They are only good for other subjects, such as people and landscapes.

Also, Orphek Coral Lens Kit offers lens that will cover all cameras of your phone including the 3 cameras of iPhone 11. Most kits don’t. You usually have to choose the main camera.


YES! It is super easy to use! We offer you a clip-on system combined with an add-on system: The high Quality Glass Lens for Smartphones made by Orphek can be attached on your smartphone for enhanced effects with our universal detachable clip and you can add as many lens as you wish from your kit.

All you have to do is just to add the lens you wish to use inside the clip and screw it (them) then install the clip on your phone and make sure the lens is/are aligned with the phone camera lens. (Double lens only needs to cover the main lens). How easy is that?


NO! IT IS FOR SMARTPHONES AND TABLETS! Not to mention that it is COMPATIBLE WITH ALL SINGLE AND DUAL-CAMERA PHONES including ALL iPhone models (including iPhone 11!), Samsung Galaxy and Note, Google Pixel, Huawei and more.


  • 4x add-on Lens
  • 1x Plastic Orphek Lens Clip
  • 1x Cleaning Cloth
  • 1x Portable Hard Flex Storage Box


High quality

Orphek Cell phone Lens Kit is designed with industrial grade aluminum along with premium optic lenses, so you can capture shots with amazing clarity and detail.


You can swap or combine lens for different effects! All 4 Lens are completely stackable: All 4 lens including the wide angle and macro lens are built in an attachable design, lenses screwed together for enhanced imaging.

Specifically designed for aquarists and coral lovers!

  • 1x 15,000k Orange Lens
  • 1x 20,000k Yellow Lens
  • 1x MACRO Lens for Close up Photos – flexible magnification accessory for smartphones that lets you take closeup photos with incredible detail.
  • 1x CPL 37mm Polarized Wide lens – The CPL 37mm is Excellent at reducing light reflection and increasing color saturation. It can reduce glare or reflection on highly reflective surfaces. The lens will prevent over-exposure by reducing the light rate under the normal color reproduction and can help prevent unwanted reflections in your pictures.




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