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EasyLPS is a mixture of zooplankton and marine microalgae designed for the specific nutrition of LPS corals.

EasyLPS is a food developed specifically for LPS corals and other filter-feeding animals such as Tubastreas found in reef aquariums. The product is designed to provide a balanced and complete nutrition for LPS corals (including species such as Gonioporas, Euphyllias, Catalaphyllias and Blastomussas).

The perfect combination of ingredients and the 800 μm size ensure optimal digestibilidy and capture for most LPS corals.

EasyLPS is made from high quality ingredients and is rich in proteins, lipids and carbohydrates. In addition, it contains essential amino acids, vitamins and trace elements necessary for the growth and health of LPS corals.

Vigor, growth, color, reproduction with EasyLPS it is possible.

Storage. Store EasyLPS in a dark, dry and cool place. The storage temperature should not exceed 25ºC. In summer, if temperatures are higher it is recommended to store in an air-conditioned room.


Aquatic invertebrates (Palaemonetes varians) and microalgae. 

How to use:

Feed the coral on alternate days, preferably during the aquarium’s night period. Hydrate the granules for 2 minutes with water from the aquarium. Use this water to stimulate the opening of the coral. Use a pipette to deposit 2-4 granules on the oral disc of the polyp.


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