Easy Sps 20, 40
Easy Sps 20, 40
Easy Sps 20, 40

Easy Sps 20, 40

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Easysps is a phytoplankton and zooplankton blend. It is formulated to meet specific nutritional requirements of corals, such as SPS (Short Polyp Stony corals) and non-photosynthetic corals like gorgonian.


Palaemonetes varians: Natural zooplankton as source of high nutritional protein and essential amino acids. Rich in glutamine that triggers a quick response from corals.
Tetraselmis chuii: Source of natural antioxidants, Vitamin C, E, B12, Superoxide Dismutase, high digestibility and rich in EPA and ARA essential fatty acids.
Phaeodactylum tricornutum: Stimulates the immune system, rich in 1-3, Beta glucans. High content in EPA essential fatty acid.
Isochrysis galbana (T-ISO): Very rich in DHA essential fatty acid and micronutrients involved in complex metabolic processes.
Sardine oil: Texturing activity smoothens easysps particles.
Tocopherols: Based on natural extracts of Rosmarinus officinalis, antioxidant that stabilizes essential fatty acids.

We have reached the perfect conservation of all components present in this formulation thanks to the manufacturing process including freeze drying (lyophilization) and cold extrusion.
With our fresh ingredients, lyophilization process takes place first, agglomeration by cold extrusion as a second step and ulterior milling process without compression.
This will give out the following particle size ranges:

0,4 – 200 µm – 54.90 % of total particles
200 – 400 µm – 28.30 % of total particles
400 – 1000 µm – 16.70 % of total particles

– Proteins >50%: High content in protein but moreover, it contains all essential amino acids, all amino acids and its proportional natural content.
  All key elements for correct growth and development are present in this feed.
– Fats 6%: Equilibrated EPA/ARA/DHA content. These essential fatty acids are not added but naturally present in the microalgae of the formula, 
  Phaeodactylum tricornutum, Isochrysis galbana (T. Iso) and Tetraselmis chuii.
– Carbohydrates 18%.

The composition is very close to natural coral tissue (Approximately 50% proteins, 30% lipids and 20% carbohydrates). Easysps contains 53% proteins,
6% lipids and 20% carbohydrates.
Coral tissue has a higher amount of lipid content. The difference has a good explanation for our easysps,
photosynthetic SPS corals are animals that live in symbiosis with vegetal cells (Zooxanthella) from which they can obtain these lipids.
The zooxanthella produces most of the nutrients for their own development and survival, they only assign a small fraction to corals
(80% lipids, some sugars and small quantities of proteins as glutamine and alanine that are not sufficient as protein source).
In other words, corals cannot survive exclusively from zooxanthella and they need extra sources of proteins, nutrition and carbohydrates.
Corals get it from zooplankton, phytoplankton, bacterioplankton and also from free amino acids dissolved in water.
The nutritional composition of easysps boosts corals with high nutritional proteins, natural lipid profile rich in EPA, ARA and DHA,
carbohydrates and functional micronutrients involved in the metabolic system of these animals.
In this way, both zooxanthella and easysps are able to cover all nutritional requirements in the correct proportion.

By the increase of the metabolic rates in corals due to the increase of nutrient availability in the water, we will get many positive results:
1. Coral growth will increase. Keep an eye on the calcium concentration, carbonates (kh) and magnesium, they will be consumed by corals due to rapid growth.
We recommend water test during the first few weeks while using the product.
2. Inorganic nutrient consumption will increase. Nitrates and phosphates will decrease because corals will metabolize part of them.
3. Coral color improvement. Based on observations, corals may increase the internal peroxidation during digestion when there is heterotrophic feeding.
This increase of peroxidation’s will reach antibacterial capabilities. The high sensitivity of zooxanthella (dinoflagellates) to oxidative processes may explain
zooxanthella concentration decrease in coral tissue and color enhancement. The bioavailability of essential amino acids and presence of essential fatty acids will
contribute as precursors for pigment production (fluorescent and non-fluorescent pigments). Amino acids can be used similar to mycosporin with a similar mode of action
against UV-A radiation, Easysps is the perfect solution for this purpose.


Initial dosing:
Add 1 level scoop per day with the dosing spoon for every 250 L of water.
Adjusting the dose: Dosing may be increased as a reaction of the coral response, benthic fauna and aquarium filtration capacity.
The presence of residual nutrients, non-desired algae growth, may indicate an overdosing of easysps.

How to dose:
Add the desired amount of easysps inside the vial tube.
Fill half the tube with water, osmosis water is preferred, close the cup and shake it for mixing. Foaming is normal during this process.
Let it stay for 1 minute for total product hydration.
Add the content in the aquarium near a strong water flow or circulation.
During the first weeks, add the easysps after lights switched off. After a few weeks, it may be added at any time of the day.

A simultaneous use of easybooster and easysps is highly recommended to prevent possible nutrient limitations and support the natural balance of the system.