Easybooster Nano
Easybooster Nano

Easybooster Nano

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Easybooster Nano

Liquid phytoplankton in single-dose bags that is ready to use, easy and clean.

Single-dose Easybooster is available in 14 or 28 blister packs.

Easybooster composition:

Isochrysis T-ISO (33%) / Nannochloropsis (31%) / Tetraselmis (18%) / Phaeodactylum (18%)

The special characteristics of each one of the microalgae in this formula provide an optimum nutritional profile for aquarium animals.


Initial Dose:

2ml pro 100 litres for a periode of 10 days

Recommended daily dose:

4ml pro 100 litres of aquarium water depending on the biological load.

Instructions for use:

Pour the entire contents of the bag into the area around the pump to ensure product is dispersed. It is not necessary to turn off the skimmer.

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