EasyFeeder Slave, Master
EasyFeeder Slave, Master
EasyFeeder Slave, Master

EasyFeeder Slave, Master

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Easyreefs EasyFeeder dosing pump is a great solution to add in precise doses the optimal amounts of nutrients or additives that we need to keep our system in optimal condition.
With easyFeeder we can control up to four dosing channels easily by means of its programmer in the easyFeeder Master or master pump and its 1, 2 or 3 easyFeeder Slave or slave pumps that can be connected to each other comfortably by means of a magnet.

Models available in:
easyFeeder Master
easyFeeder Slave (Slave)


Made of high quality materials easyFeeder from EasyReefs offers us a reliable alternative that ensures the correct control over the quantities dosed in our aquarium.
Easyreefs EasyFeeder dosing pump is extremely easy to locate in our installation both in a horizontal position supported and hung vertically through its enabled holes. Here are the main characteristics of the pump.

EasyFeeder features:
Micro-computer with a single controller chip, easy to use
Dosing device with precise adjustment.
Smart dosing time. 24 times ∕ day ~ 1 times ∕ 9 days.
Dose from 1 ml to 99 ml as established.
Luminous screen that facilitates viewing.

Manual - Instructions for use:
Components and Accessories
Operating buttons
Dosage Calibration
Delay of the operation
Rapid operation test
Technical specifications

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