Easyphyt 25

Easyphyt 25

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Easyphyt is a culture medium developed by EasyReefs specifically for the cultivation of phytoplankton at small or medium scale. Its formula based on the classic F / 2 of Guillard is appropriate for cultivation of Tetraselmis, Nannochloropsis, Isochrysis and Rhodomonas, among others. For the cultivation of diatoms such as Phaeodactylum or Chaetoceros, the use of specific silicate-rich culture media is recommended. 

Contains: sodium nitrate, iron chloride, EDTA, sodium phosphate, zinc sulfate, cobalt chloride, manganese chloride, sodium molybdate, copper sulfate, vitamins B1 and B12. 

How to use: 
Prepare a solution with 1 part of Easyphyt and 4 parts of water.
In cultures with periodic start-up (batch culture), use 5 ml of the solution per liter of culture. 
In semi-continuous cultures, use 1 ml per liter of water each time a partial harvest is made. 

Store in a cool place, preferably refrigerated.