Easyractor 4L

Easyractor 4L

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Easyractor 4L

Easyractor 4L is a reactor for the semi-automatic culture of rotifer.

Easyractor 4L is a bi-cylindrical truncated cone-shaped reactor, made in methacrylate, specifically designed for the semi-automated culture of rotifer using Easyroti rotifer feed.

Each cylinder has an operating volume of 2 net litres.

kit content:

  • 2 truncated cone cylinders made of methacrylate Ø 100 mm x H 450 mm
  • 2 top covers with integrated LED light
  • 2 diffusers for feed supply and water column movement
  • 2 valves of Ø 8mm at the base of the cylinder for harvesting, emptying and cleaning of the culture
  • 1 cylinder support body with auxiliary element support
  • 1 air compressor included
  • 2 Easyfeeder peristaltic dosing pumps included
  • 1 50-micron filtering mesh 24.5 x 24.5, Easymesh 50
  • 1 preinstalled Easyconnect 25 connector

How to use:

Introduce 2 L of rotifer culture in each culture cylinder, at a density of 400 to 600 rotifers per milliliter.

Adjust the air bubble in the diffuser capsule so that approximately 2 bubbles are produced per second.

Make the air come out of the supply circuit, making sure that the Easyroti reaches the diffuser capsule (see Easyfeeder instructions).

Initially set the dosing pump so that 1 ml of Easyroti is administered every 4 hours (6 ml/ 24 h).

  • Under ideal conditions, we will be able to harvest 500 ml of rotifer culture from each cylinder every day.
  • The volume of the culture harvested must be replaced with seawater adjusted to the appropriate salinity. We will refer to “sea water” as the water prepared with salts for aquariums at a density of 1019-1022 (30 – 33 g/ L)
  • The temperature of the culture should be maintained between 20-28°C, optimally at 24°C.
  • To filter the rotifer, it is necessary to use a 50 microns mesh, Easymesh 50 (50µ)
  • Clean and sterilize the culture cylinders every 7 days.
  • Never use aquarium water for the culture. The presence of organisms and contaminants from the aquarium can quickly spoil it.

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