EcoTech Marine Vectra S1 DC Aquarium Water Pump
EcoTech Marine Vectra S1 DC Aquarium Water Pump
EcoTech Marine Vectra S1 DC Aquarium Water Pump
EcoTech Marine Vectra S1 DC Aquarium Water Pump

EcoTech Marine Vectra S1 DC Aquarium Water Pump

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The World`s Smartest Centrifugal Return Pump - part deux!
From the beginning, the Ecotech Marine Vectra lineup has been steadily improving, evolving in design and material to ensure their reliability, thermal efficiency and their standard operation, bringing forth the Vectra 2s. 
The Vectra 2s are second to none, with their improved couplings that are tailored for hard plumbing PVC and equipped with user friendly collars, making the Vectra even easier to use.
Same great performance - more robust and easier to work with.

So what`s new? The new Vectra 2s have new:
Input and output couplers
Tougher motor sleeve
Improved thermal management
Ergonomic collars

The New Couplers

The Vectra 2s are still the same great modular pump that we have all come to love.  Its new, robust, easy-to-turn grips make the couplers easier to remove, even under water. The standard PVC size also brings us one step closer to that clean PVC pipey, aesthetically pleasing install (instead of the basic vinyl hosing) we have all admired in other systems.

Vectra Modes

EcoSmart Live Compatible: EcoSmart Live is EcoTech Marine’s web-based aquarium command center. It allows you to control your Vectra pumps, VorTech pumps and Radion LED lighting from anywhere in the world through a computer or mobile device (iOS and Android supported). EcoSmart Live is loaded with features such as setup guides, flow and lighting wizards, specialty modes, and the ability to create new modes with just the click of a mouse or tap of a finger.
Get real time information about your lighting and pumps or wirelessly update your product’s firmware. Having issues getting the coral growth that you expect? Our award winning customer service staff can log into your account and suggest changes for you.
Battery Backup Compatible: In an aquarium with no flow, fish and corals begin to die in as little as 4 to 10 hours. The Battery Backup is reef tank insurance in an aluminum housing.  By adding the Battery Backup, your tank is insulated from power interruptions, helping protect your valuable investment -and your tank inhabitants.  The M2 will work with or without the VP013 Booster Accessory, though having it will provide overall better performance.
*Hours are estimated and will vary depending on battery life, pump mode and other factors.
The Vectra Advantage:

Cost Savings
Traditional AC pumps when used as a return pump for your sump are flow controlled through the use of a choke valve. This is method of control is inherently inefficient for two reasons.
1) The AC pump purchased must often be over-powered for your given setup to allow for flexibility.
2) By adding artificial impedance to your flow, electricity is wasted.
The Vectra pump will always operate at the optimum efficiency because there is no need to use a flow restricting valve to achieve your desired flow rate.

Active Feedback
When used with the ReefLink, your Vectra pump can send you performance and status alerts right to your mobile device or computer. Your return pump is the heart of your aquarium; the faster you hear about an unexpected issue the more successful you will be as an aquarist.
Quiet Operation
Flow = 1400 gph (5,300 lph)
Max head pressure = 11.5` (3.5 m)
Footprint: 6.5"L x 3.8"W
Input dimension = 1" (25 mm)
Output dimension = .75" (19 mm)
Power = 72 watts

What`s Included?
DC Centrifugal Pump
Vectra QuietDrive Drive
Standard PVC input and output couplers
72W Power Supply
Input and Output Quick Coupler
Driver Mounting Bracket
Instruction Manual