Eheim Air Pump 100L/200L/400L

Eheim Air Pump 100L/200L/400L

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Technical data

Pump output approx I/h            400 (2 x 200)
Del.head approx Hmax m         2
Power consumption W              5
Hose Connection                        2
Dimensions HxWxD mm         152 x 89 x 71

Small size, easy to conceal
Low power consumption
Diffuser & air line include
Adjustable output

Oxygen is a vital ingredient to a healthy aquarium. A lack of oxygen will quickly harm the health of your fish. All life forms require a certain amount of oxygen and aquatic species are no different. Most aquariums will benefit from a greater oxygen content in the water. Filtration system performance and overall water quality will be greatly improved by adding that little bit more air that most species will find naturally in their native environment.

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