Frogspawn Purple Large

Frogspawn Purple Large

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The Frogspawn Coral Euphyllia divisa is a definite favorite large polyp stony (LPS) coral. The flowing tentacles and tips are very colorful, and when combined make for a really cool display. The scientific name is taken from having polyps that are divided at the end. Hence its popular common name Frogspawn, as well as a couple other common names including Octopus Coral, Honey Coral, Wall Coral, Zig-Zag Coral, and Fine Grape Coral.

The identification of the E. divisa is determined more so by the shape of the polyp than their delicate skeletal structure. There are a number of colors the Frogspawn Coral comes in. Tentacles can be tan to brown or green to yellow, and the contrasting tips can be pink, lavender, white or cream. At times the Frogspawn Coral is inaccurately called Grape coral. However the Grape coral Euphyllia cristata does not have branching polyps, and each tentacle is perfectly straight with one contrasting tip.

The Frogspawn Coral can be easy to moderate to care for. Like others of its genus, it will be the first to warn you that the water quality in the tank is less than acceptable. It is recommended to people who have had some LPS experience with species like the Elegance coral. Some commensal shrimp enjoy the protection of its tentacles, tentacles that will sting nearby corals to make room for more growth as well as provide tasty meals!

The E. divisa has been propagated in captivity. It is readily available in stores and online and is one of the less expensive Euphyllia species. These corals are not hermatypic, which means they do not contribute to reef structures. Yet in the wild it takes 2 years for a colony to repopulate, and there is concern about over collecting these corals. In some countries they have been outlawed for collection. Propagating these corals is very important in preserving the wild colonies.

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