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Product description:

Lugol's solution for marine aquariums

No other trace element has described such diverse effects as iodine. As a component of the thyroid hormone, iodine prevents goiter from forming in fish. It is necessary for the molting of the crabs and is involved in the hardening of the chitin shell. Red calcareous algae store iodine in the surface structure, gorgonians in their axial skeleton. Brown algae also strongly enrich the trace element.

Since a natural replenishment of trace elements cannot be guaranteed in the saltwater aquarium, iodine should be regularly replenished. Tests have shown that Tropic Marin ® IOD, in addition to the effects described, also greatly improves the light adaptation and coloration of flowered animals, especially stony corals. Tropic Marin ® IOD contains iodine in its most effective form: as elemental I 2 in a Lugol's solution.

The advantages at a glance:

Lugol's solution for marine aquariums

vital trace element for animals and invertebrates

Improvement of light adaptation and coloration of flower animals

Recommended use:

Add one drop of Tropic Marin ® IOD to 200 l of aquarium water every day not far from a circulation pump in the aquarium. Missed dosages must not be added up. The iodine requirement increases with the population density of the aquarium. The maximum dosage of one drop per 100 liters of aquarium water should not be exceeded. An overdose can be harmful to the organisms.

Store Tropic Marin ® IOD in the dark.

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