Jecod ECO Air Pump PA-200
Jecod ECO Air Pump PA-200

Jecod ECO Air Pump PA-200

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Jecod ECO Air Pump PA-200

Product Description

Jecod ECO AIR PUMP PA-200 PREMIUM oxy MACHINE is a specialized oxygen machine for large tank systems, requiring abundant oxygen to operate (shrimp fish shelves, koi aquariums, outdoor lakes...). Jecod Eco Air Pump PA with high quality aluminum shell design, waterproof, can be placed outdoors without worrying about rain and sun.

Jecod Eco Air Pump PA-200 uses an Air compression mechanism and push mechanism to create extremely strong pressure, 40% higher efficiency, 30% better energy saving than other traditional models. The machine operates smoothly and anti-vibration.

Technical Description:

* Size: 35x23 x 25 cm.

* Voltage: 220~240v 50Hz.

* Power: 180W.

* Pressure: 0.047 Mpa.

* Flow: 200 liters / min.

* Split head: 20 taps.

* Noise level: <46 dB.


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