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High-energy vitamin additive for fish

Product description

Fats and oils are the most important energy sources for fish and are an important factor in determining the quality of the fish food. Delicate components like unsaturated fatty acids often get damaged during processing of fish food. Besides heating and drying, storage and contact with air can impair the quality of the foodstuff. Essential fatty acids and nutritious substances are vital for marine fish; only when they are in sufficient supply, can fish survive stressful situations unharmed and resist germs and parasites. Our special dietary supplements are carefully formulated to meet the nutritional requirements of marine fish and supplement the vital substances which may be in short supply.

Tropic Marin® Lipovit is a mixture of select high-quality oils and contains the unsaturated fatty acids of the marine oils (omega-3 fatty acids). These enhance the resistance of fish to stress and pathogenic organisms. In addition, a special selection of vitamins and natural carotenoids improve colour and fertility of the fish. Garlic extract stimulates the immune system and also makes the food more attractive to the fish.


  • energy-rich food supplement for the fish food

  • high proportion of essential long-chain omega-3 fatty acids

  • increases resistance to stress and pathogenic organisms

  • contains natural vitamin A and vitamin D3

  • includes vitamins C and E to protect against harmful radicals

  • vitamin pantothenic acid (B5) for the immune system and reduced mortality of fish fry

  • natural carotenoids stimulate spawning and fertility of the fish

  • garlic extract increases the acceptance of food in ornamental fish, and is also used as Artemia enrichment for fry

  • improves the utilisation of food by the fish resulting in reduced ammonia and phosphate excretion into the water.


Ingredients: Fish oil 52.4%, cod liver oil 30%

Additives: Paprika oleoresin 7%, garlic oil 5%, soy lecithin 3%, palmitoyl-l-ascorbic acid 2%, vitamin E 0.3%, panthenyl ethyl ether 0.3%.

Analysis: 99% crude oils and lipids

Calorific value: 38900 kJ/kg

Application & Dosage

We recommend supplementing the fish food with Tropic Marin® Lipovit at a rate of 5-10% of the dry mass. This corresponds approximately to the addition of 5 to 10 drops on a level teaspoon (5 ml) of granulated food or a level table spoon (15 ml) of flaked or frozen food.

Mix Tropic Marin® Lipovit with the food and let soak in well.

Store in a cool, dark place.