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Product description:

Probiotic and nitrifying bacteria

Tropic Marin ® NITRIBIOTIC is a combination of probiotic and nitrifying bacteria in just one preparation to improve the water quality and strengthen the immune system of fish and shrimp. The nitrifying bacteria effectively initiate nitrification, ie the process of breaking down harmful ammonia into harmless nitrate. The purple bacteria contained in it oxidize harmful hydrogen sulfide to harmless sulfur and sulfate. Probiotic bacteria and yeasts have been shown to have a positive effect on the health and wellbeing of fish and shrimp, especially when rearing.

The advantages at a glance:

Bacterial preparation with probiotic, nitrifying and purple bacteria
The addition of probiotic bacteria has a health-promoting effect and improves the animals' resistance to stress
Nitrifying bacteria support nitrification
Purple bacteria break down hydrogen sulfide
Suitable for every aquarium population - fish, soft corals, LPS, SPS, other filter feeders and / or crustaceans
Easy to dose as a liquid solution
Long shelf life even after opening


Recommended use:

Shake the bottle vigorously before each use! To allow the bacteria to develop unhindered in the tank, switch off UV systems, ozonizers and skimmers before dosing and only switch them on again 3-4 hours after dosing. NITRIBIOTIC can be dosed into the inlet of a biological filter or directly into the pool water.

Attach the enclosed tube to the syringe and measure the required amount of NITRIBIOTIC with the syringe . The air that gets into the hose and syringe when the syringe is drawn up does not affect the dose. The lower edge of the plunger always shows the correct dosage, even if the required amount of NITRIBIOTIC is only in the tube and not in the syringe chamber due to the air drawn in. The air taken in is used to empty the hose during dosing.

Start with a single dose of 1 ml per 100 l of aquarium content. A subsequent weekly dosage of 1 ml per 200 l aquarium volume maintains and renews the probiotic effect.

An overdose of NITRIBIOTIC up to twice the dosage is harmless.

You can also use our new dosing calculator to easily determine the dosage required for your aquarium .

Tropic Marin ® NITRIBIOTIC contains Bacillus subtilis, Nitrobacteria, Saccharomyces, Lactobacillus and purple bacteria .



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