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Biodegradable filter media for the effective removal of nitrates and phosphates

Product description

Organic filter medium for fluidised bed reactors for effective biological nitrate and phosphate reduction with a quick-starting, continuous action. Tropic Marin® NP-Bacto-Pellets consist of a mixture of natural biopolymers, which promote the settlement and growth of nitrate and phosphate degrading bacteria and other microorganisms. These nutrients are then available as valuable biomass and food sources for filter feeders.

Low concentrations of nitrate and phosphate, as in nature, allow for bright and vibrant colours with very good growth and excellent vitality of the corals. The nutrient concentrations must be controlled to create these naturalistic conditions in the aquarium.


  • Easy-to-use filter media for the effective removal of nitrate and phosphate

  • Due to the compact size, it is suitable for fluidized bed filter or pellet reactors

  • Made of natural biopolymers, which promote the colonization and growth of nitrate and phosphate removing bacteria as well as other microorganisms

  • Allows corals to show their brightest and most vibrant colors while also be able to grow vigorously

  • The bacterial colonization starts very quickly and then occurs on an on-going basis

  • Suitable for an aquarium stocked with fish, soft and leather corals, LPS, SPS, other filter feeders and/or crustaceans


Mixture of natural biopolymers  

Application & Dosage 

Tropic Marin® NP-Bacto-Pellets must be used in a fluidised bed reactor. A strong skimming of the aquarium water is advisable for removal of nutrients and gas exchange.

Pour boiling hot water over the Tropic Marin® NP-Bacto-Pellets and let soak for 2 hours before use to expel excess air. Start with 50 ml/1.5 fl. oz. of Tropic Marin® NP-Bacto-Pellets per 100 l/ 26 US-Gal. of aquarium system volume. If necessary, double the amount after 4 weeks. A maximum quantity of 200 ml/6.5 fl. oz. per 100 l/26 US-Gal. of aquarium system volume should not be exceeded. We recommend replenishing consumed pellets every month.

For particularly rapid and effective nutrient reduction, the outlet of the pellet reactor can be directed into the vicinity of the protein skimmer feed.

After two to four weeks, you will notice and can measure the reduced nutrient levels in the aquarium.

Other product recommendations

Tropic Marin® NP-Bacto-Balance is the ideal complement to Tropic Marin® NP-Bacto-Pellets for quick and sustainable nutrient degradation.
We recommend checking nutrient values regularly with Tropic Marin® Test-Kits. To check the phosphate levels, use the Tropic Marin® PO4 Test or the Tropic Marin® PO4 Pro Test.

The Tropic Marin® NO2/NO3 Test or the Tropic Marin® NO2/NO3 Pro Test should be used to monitor the nitrite / nitrate values.

Tropic Marin® also offers a comprehensive range of water testing for other key water parameters.



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