O-Megavital Micro 60g

O-Megavital Micro 60g

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O-Megavital Micro

Product description

With Tropic Marin® O-Megavital Micro, the tried and tested high-quality Tropic Marin® O-Megavital, with its high content of polyunsaturated fatty acids and proteins, is now also available as powdered food for juvenile fish, for which standard granules are too large, and for filter feeders such as stony corals, gorgonians and azooxanthellate soft corals. Selected ingredients such as fish oil and Scandinavian wild fish encourage consumption amongst juvenile fish and crustaceans - this enables the juvenile fish to grow rapidly and gives them a greater degree of strength.  

The extremely high energy content of 5,250 kcal/kg gives Tropic Marin® O-Megavital Micro its high efficiency and keeps the nutrient load of the water low. Young fish are strengthened and grow rapidly.  

O-Megavital Micro is a complete diet - also suitable for automatic feeder dosage.


  • Balanced complete diet for marine small young fish and filter feeders (corals)

  • With seaweed, iodine and trace elements

  • Rich in unsaturated fatty acids and vitamins

  • Fish oils provide the necessary energy and reduce water pollution

  • Production in especially gentle methods

  • High energy content of 5,250 kcal/kg

  • Also suitable for automatic feeder dosage


Composition: fishmeal 43%, fish oil 13%, soy protein, maize protein, pea protein, wheat, seaweed meal 2%, yeast.
Additives: E672 vitamin A (75,000 IU/kg), E671 vitamin D3 (1,500 IU/kg), E300 vitamin C (500 mg/kg), E307 vitamin E (260 mg/kg)
Analysis: raw protein 54%, raw fat 18%, crude ash 8%, crude fiber 1.5%, water 8%, phosphorous 1.3%, iodine 0.1%, (n-3) polyunsaturated fatty acids (HUFA) 25 mg/kg
Energy value: 22,000 kJ/kg

Application & Dosage

Feeding recommendation: Several times a day, add as much feed to the water as the fish can consume in a short period of time.

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