OR3 150/120/90/60 Reef LED Lighting
OR3 150/120/90/60 Reef LED Lighting

OR3 150/120/90/60 Reef LED Lighting

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The Best 2020 Reef Aquarium LED with Dual Chip 5Watt !

Our new model OR3 – 2020 comes with NEW LEDs! Orphek  is worldwide recognized by being the leader in LED Aquarium lighting solutions capable of delivering products that provide perfect intensity/efficiency.

What does it mean?

It means you are getting the same LEDs we are offering in our Atlantik V4 fixtures! It means you are getting new customized high efficiency 5w Dual-Chip power LEDs that are even more technologically advanced, therefore more efficient!

Our new LEDs will last longer than the previous Orphek LEDs because we have improved its life span!! Running at 50% our new 2020 model 5w Dual-Chip advanced LEDs are more resistant to higher heat and it offers the highest PAR longevity with really minimum loss over the years. 

Not only that, we have also improved internal lens to make sure you are getting the best Orphek LEDs!

Now let’s see all the options that we are offering you today!

OR3 120/90/60 Blue Plus

For coral pop fluorescent color and growth

OR3 120/90/60 Reef Day Plus

For SPS/LPS coral growth and color and illumination