PKO, Phosphates KO 250g
PKO, Phosphates KO 250g

PKO, Phosphates KO 250g

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PKO, Phosphates KO

Phosphate controller – Water dispersible powder of an ionically modified clay.

• PKO eliminates the bioavailability of phosphate in both freshwater and marine aquariums.

• It is an ionically modified bentonite for phosphate control. It reacts with phosphate creating a new insoluble element and prevents it from returning to the water column.

• It is an inert element that does not generate any type of ecotoxicity in the aquarium.

• Phosphate removal from the water column occurs within approximately 3 hours after the application of the suspension.

• Once deposited in the sediment, PKO will continue to bind to interstitial phosphate released from the sediment until it is saturated, at this point no further binding will take place.

• It is not an algaecide.

• One kilogram of PKO removes more than 30 grams of PO4 (1 gr – 0.34 ppm).

• Dosages can vary considerably as the phosphate removal capacity of the PKO is based on the amount of phosphate present in the water column, the phosphate bound in the sediments and any external sources of phosphorus still entering the aquarium water.

• It can be used with a dosing pump, dispersing it in a 1:4 ratio with RO water.

• Caution: Not a food. For aquarium use only. Keep out of the reach of children. Do not inhale. Avoid contact with eyes and skin.



Disperse 100 g of PKO in 400 g of water and stir with a blender until a uniform, lump-free mixture is obtained. If the stirring is done manually, it is advisable to repeat the stirring after four hours to ensure a correct dispersion. The dispersion, kept in a cool and dry place, can be used for up to 30 days after its preparation.


Example for a 500 L aquarium with an initial concentration of 1 ppm PO4 3- :

• Measure and record the PO4 3- concentration of the aquarium water before adding the PKO dispersion.

• Add 50 ml of the dispersion.

• After 24 h, measure and record the PO4 3- concentration before adding the PKO dispersion again.

• The difference between the first addition and the second will indicate the decrease in PO4 3- that has occurred. Repeat this procedure daily until the desired objective is achieved.

• Increase or decrease the quantity of product to be dosed according to the speed* at which we wish to decrease the concentration of PO4 3- until the desired level** is achieved.

• The PKO dispersion can be dosed manually or using a peristaltic pump, preferably at the beginning of the night period and in an area of maximum water circulation.

* We recommend an adjustment period of 4 weeks to reach a concentration of 0.05 ppm of PO4 3- . ** Once a concentration of 0.05 ppm of PO4 3- has been reached, discontinue the addition, allow 1 week to elapse without adding and check that the concentration is around 0.03 – 0.025 ppm of PO4 3- Add again if necessary.