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Crystallized trace elements

Product description

In a marine aquarium with a high stocking of invertebrates, especially reef-building stony corals, the trace elements present in the water are quickly used up. At the same time, the concentrations of the macroelements sodium, chlorine, potassium and sulphate remain largely constant. The lack of trace elements and the imbalance in the natural ion concentrations lead to growth disorders and stunting of the organisms.

Pro-Coral Mineral provides the trace elements present in the well-known Tropic Marin® sea salt in crystalline, highly concentrated form, thus creating ideal living conditions for all invertebrates beyond the normal water changes.


  • Contains all trace elements of the sea in highly concentrated form

  • To strengthen the growth, colour intensity and resistance of invertebrates

  • Particularly suitable for marine aquariums with a high invertebrate population

  • With iodine and strontium

  • Without chelates, phosphates and nitrates


Trace elements, magnesium salts, iodide

Application & Dosage

Dosage: Add 1 level measuring spoon (5 ml) per 100 litres of aquarium water per week. Among other things, this increases the strontium content by about 0.8 mg per litre and the iodine content by about 0.04 mg per litre. One can with 250 g is sufficient for approx. 5,000 l aquarium water.

Maximum dosage: 2 measuring spoons per 100 litres weekly. This dosage should not be exceeded under any circumstances.

Application: Tropic Marin® Pro-Coral Mineral can be added carefully in the filter area of the aquarium at a sufficient distance from the pump. Alternatively, dissolve one measuring spoon in 250 ml of reverse osmosis water and add to the tank.


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