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Crystallized trace elements for the health and growth of all invertebrates

In a marine aquarium with a large invertebrate bio-mass, particularly of hard corals, trace elements in the water are quickly depleted. At the same time the concentration of macro-elements, such as sodium, chlorine and sulfate, continues to remain constant. Development and growth of resident organisms may be impaired due to this lack of trace elements and imbalance of ions.

PRO-CORAL MINERAL is a highly concentrated form of the trace elements that are contained in Tropic Marin® Sea Salt mixture. Regular additions of trace elements, as well as water changes, help to maintain a healthy environment for all invertebrates.


Crystallized trace elements for the health and growth of all invertebrates
Contains a concentrated supply of all trace elements found in natural seawater
For color intensity, health and growth of invertebrates
Includes iodine and strontium
Does not contain chelates, phosphates or nitrates


How to use:

Add 5 g (approx. 1 level measuring spoon) each week per 50 liters / 13 US Gal. of aquarium water. This increases the proportion of strontium to approx. 1.5 mg per liter and iodine to approx. 0.075 mg per liter. One can with 250 g is sufficient for approx. 2,500 liters / 660 US Gal.

The recommended maximum dosage is 2 measuring spoons a week per 50 liters / 13 US Gal. Under no circumstances should this dosage be exceeded and it only applies to the exclusive use of PRO-CORAL MINERAL.

Application: Fill the enclosed measuring spoon with Tropic Marin® PRO-CORAL MINERAL (levelling spatula is included). PRO-CORAL MINERAL should be added in the filter/sump area of the aquarium at a sufficient distance from the pump, in order to prevent any undissolved crystals from coming into contact with the coral.

Alternatively, a concentrated solution can also be prepared with softened water (10 g / 2 scoops of powder per liter / per 0.26 US Gal. of water; dosage: 1 liter / 0.26 US Gal. of solution per 100 liters / 26 US Gal. of tank water each week). Clouding of the concentration during this process has no adverse effects.

Safety advice:
Keep out of the reach of children • Irritant • Irritating to eyes and skin • Do not breathe dust • Avoid contact with skin.

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