Reef Actif 60g

Reef Actif 60g

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Reef Actif

Product description:

For water maintenance between water changes.

Tropic Marin ® REEF ACTIF consists of a mixture of natural organic substances mainly of marine origin. The biopolymers in REEF ACTIF bind excess nutrients and other pollutants and cause them to be broken down by specialized marine microorganisms. This promotes a natural marine microbiology in the aquarium and keeps the water extremely clear.

By activating the microflora, numerous vitamins and other vital substances are added to the water in a completely natural way. Corals and shells open up better and show all their colors. The fish also benefit from the stable bacterial flora and the prebiotic effect - they develop robustly and show their vitality through a flawless color.

The advantages at a glance:

ensures constant water conditions between water changes
Serves in a double function as an adsorber and valuable bacteria food in the aquarium
binds nutrients and uses them for use by bacteria and other living beings
promotes the reduction of water pollution by binding water polluting substances
slow degradation of excess nutrients without consuming oxygen in the aquarium
improves the consistency and continuity of the skimming process
increases the vitality and color of corals and reef clams


Recommended use:

Add one measuring spoon of REEF ACTIF weekly to 500 l of aquarium water. Stir the preparation into the aquarium water in a beaker and then add it to the aquarium so that it can be distributed as finely as possible.

Maximum dose: one measuring spoon per 500 l of aquarium water three times a week. In tanks without skimming, one measuring spoon per 2000 l of aquarium water.

REEF ACTIF can be used together with all other products of the Tropic Marin ® BIO-ACTIF-SYSTEM . There is no overdosing of organic substances.


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