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Natural binding agent consisting of algae for creating reef snow particles

Product description

The high level of biological activity prevalent in intact coral reefs means that high concentrations of biopolymer substances can be found there. Contact with nutrient particles and colonisation with specific bacteria lead to the formation of particles that have a heightened level of nutritional value and are even visible to the naked eye. These flaky and filamentous particles are referred to as reef snow.

Tropic Marin® Reef Snow contains these natural marine biopolymers. Together with other feedstuffs, they form nutrient-rich flakes that resemble natural reef snow which are then passed on to the corals and other filter feeders. The concentration of a Tropic Marin® Reef Snow solution can be varied in order to adapt the size of the flakes to suit the filter feeders contained in the tank.


  • natural source of nutrients for corals and other filter feeders

  • increases the filterability of the particles for many corals and filter feeders

  • improves nutrient utilisation

  • lowers the nutrient content of the water

  • variable flake size

  • larger particles constitute healthy feed with a prebiotic effect for fish

  • ideal for binding vitamins and other feed enrichments


algae, alga extract

Application & Dosage

Stir approx. 1.5 measuring spoons of Tropic Marin® Reef Snow into 100 ml of reverse osmosis water and allow it to soak for one to two hours, stirring occasionally. Next, stir in the feed or the plankton substitute and allow it to soak for another 30 minutes before dispersing it throughout the aquarium.

A prepared Tropic Marin® Reef Snow stock solution (without feed/plankton substitute) can be stored for two weeks at room temperature. The size of the Tropic Marin® Reef Snow particles formed can be altered by varying the dosage from 1 to 2 measuring spoons per 100 ml.

Other product recommendations

We recommend combining Tropic Marin® Reef Snow with the plankton substitutes Tropic Marin® Phyton and Tropic Marin® Zooton.



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