Syn-Biotic Sea Salt

Syn-Biotic Sea Salt

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Syn-Biotic Sea Salt

Pharmaceutically pure sea salt with probiotic bacteria and prebiotic bacteria food

Product description

Tropic Marin® Syn-Biotic Sea Salt contains probiotic bacteria for fish and shrimp and special prebiotic bacteria food to promote probiotic bacterial growth and to create low-nutrient conditions in the aquarium for LPS and SPS corals. The term synbiotic refers to supplements which combine probiotics and prebiotics in a form of synergism.  

Tropic Marin® Syn-Biotic Sea Salt is ideal when you are setting up a new tank and every time you expand the tank’s stock. It has been proven that probiotic bacteria help to overcome stress and disease while enhancing the health and well-being of fish and crustaceans. For the best results, the aquarium should have a water change with Syn-Biotic Sea Salt prior to any new stock being introduced.  

The contained prebiotic additives promote the integration of nitrates and phosphates in bacterial mass for low-nutrient conditions and the vivid colours of LPS and SPS corals. For a sustained acclimatization of animals to the aquarium conditions and to stabilize the microbiology of the tank system we recommend using Syn-Biotic Sea Salt permanently. Each water change with Syn-Biotic Sea Salt automatically adds the probiotic bacteria necessary to maintain healthy biological processes.


  • Tropic Marin® Syn-Biotic is particularly well suited to reef aquariums

  • Contains all main and trace elements of tropical seawater in natural proportions. Optimal calcium and magnesium concentrations for reef aquariums + prebiotic bacterial food + nitrifying and denitrifying bacteria to support the nitrogen cycle

  • Ideal pH value and buffering

  • Prebiotic bacterial food promotes low-nutrient conditions and the vivid colours of LPS and SPS corals. The microbiology in the aquarium is stabilized and the water quality increases

  • Probiotic bacteria activate the immune system of fish and crustaceans

  • Optimal solubility of all 70 trace elements and stabilisation of these through bioactive substances

  • Can be used permanently and is ideal for setting up a new tank, for new stocking and for any stock expansion

  • Tropic Marin® Syn-Biotic is the ideal basis for the care of even the most sensitive fish, corals, invertebrates and marine algae in modern reef aquariums


Tropic Marin® Syn-Biotic Sea Salt contains all major and trace elements as well as probiotic bacteria and prebiotic bacteria food.

Major Elements:

Calcium; Chlorine; Magnesium; Potassium; Sodium; Sulfur.

Trace Elements:

Aluminium; Antimony; Arsenic; Barium; Beryllium; Bismuth; Boron; Bromine; Cadmium; Caesium; Carbon; Cerium; Chromium; Cobalt; Copper; Dysprosium; Erbium; Europium; Fluorine; Gadolinium; Gallium; Germanium; Gold; Hafnium; Holmium; Indium; Iodine; Iridium; Iron; Lanthanum; Lead; Lithium; Lutetium; Manganese; Mercury; Molybdenum; Neodymium; Nickel; Niobium; Nitrogen; Osmium; Palladium; Platinum; Praseodymium; Rhenium; Rhodium; Rubidium; Ruthenium; Samarium; Scandium; Selenium; Silicon; Silver; Strontium; Tantalum; Tellurium; Terbium; Thallium; Thorium; Thulium; Tin; Titanium; Tungsten; Vanadium; Ytterbium; Yttrium; Zinc; Zirconium.

Application & Dosage

To achieve a salinity level of 32–35‰ (psu), dissolve 35 ml (approx. 37–40 g / 1.3–1.4 oz.) of Tropic Marin® Syn-Biotic for every litre or 0.5 cup (approx. 140-150 g) for every US-gallon of water in a container, stirring continuously. The specific gravity of the sea salt solution should be 1.025 to 1.027 at a temperature of 25 °C / 77 °F. The prepared saltwater can be used as soon as the salt is fully dissolved.

Note: When checking the conductivity of freshly prepared Tropic Marin® Syn-Biotic saltwater the conductometer will show ca. 10% low results, because the contained organic substances affect the measurement. We recommend measuring
the specific gravity with the Tropic Marin® Hydrometer.

Slight cloudiness is normal at this stage and indicates that the bioactive substances are taking effect. Changing up to 10% of the water every week using Tropic Marin® Syn-Biotic helps to keep the water quality within the parameters most important to the delicate marine life in your aquarium.

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Container sizes

4 kg Box für 100–120 l / box for 26–32 US-gal.                

10 kg Eimer für 250–300 l / bucket for 66–80 US-gal.                                                                                                                         

25 kg Eimer für 625–750 l / bucket for 165–200 US-gal.   Art. Nr. 10425

eco friendly packaging

12,5 kg Karton für 310–375 l / box for 80–100 US-gal.      
20 kg Karton für 500–600 l / box for 130–160 US-gal.