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Product description:

Regulates the pH value and optimizes the buffer capacity

The stability of the pH value is of crucial importance for saltwater aquariums. Fluctuations in the pH value quickly cause stress and illness in the aquarium inhabitants and thus shorten the lifespan of the animals.

Tropic Marin ® TRIPLE-BUFFER brings the pH value quickly and easily into the optimal range of 8.1 - 8.4. At the same time, the alkalinity, which has fallen due to precipitation, is increased, thus preventing dangerous fluctuations in the pH value in the water. Trace elements lost through precipitation and adsorption are also replaced, thus promoting the well-being of all aquarium inhabitants.

The advantages at a glance:

to regulate the pH value and to optimize the buffer capacity
Adjustment of the pH value to the recommended range of 8.1 - 8.4
Increase in the buffer capacity of the water
Adjustment of the trace element level
increases & stabilizes the alkalinity
exclusively from natural, high-purity raw materials
without nitrates, without phosphates
promotes the well-being of all aquarium inhabitants


Recommended use:

Use one measuring spoon of TRIPLE-BUFFER per 75 liters of water every week. Sprinkle the contents of the measuring spoon evenly on the surface of the water and stir the water at the same time.

Check the pH and alkalinity of the aquarium water regularly. The pH value in the saltwater aquarium should be 8.1 - 8.4 and the alkalinity 6 ° -9 ° dH. In the case of significantly different values ​​(pH less than 7.8 or greater than 9.2; alkalinity less than 5 ° dH) add the recommended amount of TRIPLE-BUFFER once a day until the desired pH or alkalinity values ​​are reached are.

You can also use our new dosing calculator to easily determine the dosage required for your aquarium .

To avoid precipitation, TRIPLE-BUFFER should not be used at the same time as calcium additives.

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