Triple Buffer 1800g

Triple Buffer 1800g

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pH buffer and carbonate hardness supplement

Product description

The triple effect of Tropic Marin® Triple Buffer raises the pH value to the optimum range, increases and stabilizes alkalinity and simultaneously supplies essential trace elements to saltwater aquariums.


  • Helps quickly and reliably when the acidification from fishes and decomposition products has shifted the pH out of the recommended range of 8.1 - 8.4.

  • Counteracts when precipitation has lowered the needed alkalinity.

  • Provides essential trace elements when absorption by the aquarium population and precipitation reduced the level of trace elements.

  • Reduces the stress for all aquarium inhabitants with more stable water conditions.

  • Suitable for an aquarium stocked with marine fish, soft corals, LPS, SPS, other filter feeders and/or crustaceans.


carbonates, hydrogen carbonates and trace elements

Application & Dosage

Check the carbonate hardness and pH of the aquarium water.

Recommended water values:

  • carbonate hardness: 6 - 9 °dH

  • pH value: 8,1 - 8,4

If the water values are below the recommended values, add 1 level measuring spoon of Tropic Marin® Triple Buffer weekly (or daily, if necessary) per 75 l/20 US-gal. of aquarium water until the desired levels of pH and alkalinity are reached. Sprinkle the measuring spoonful directly on the surface of the aquarium water while stirring the water. One level measuring spoon of Tropic Marin® Triple Buffer per 75 l/20 US-gal. of aquarium water increases the carbonate hardness by 1.4 °dH. Do not exceed a carbonate hardness of 9 °dH.  

To avoid possible precipitation do not add buffers and calcium supplements at the same time.

Other product recommendations

We recommend the use of with the Tropic Marin® KH/Alkalinity-Test or Tropic Marin® Alkalinity test professionalKH/Alkalinity-Test and the Tropic Marin® pH-Test to check the carbonate hardness and pH of the aquarium water. Even easier to use is the liquid product Tropic Marin® Liquid Buffer for regulating the pH value and the buffering capacity in the aquarium.


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