Vectra L1 DC Centrifugal Pump
Vectra L1 DC Centrifugal Pump

Vectra L1 DC Centrifugal Pump

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Ecotech Marine Vectra L1 DC Centrifugal Pump

Vectra - The World's smartest return pump !!.

The Vectra S1, M1 and Vectra L1 DC centrifugal pumps are built around performance and reliability. Coupling a class leading DC centrifugal pump with EcoTech's proprietary driver technology - delivers for return pump and closed loop applications in a big way.

Flexibility and Control

In addition to all of the out of box functionality you would expect from EcoTech - the Vectra S1, M1 and Vectra L1 will also connect to EcoSmartLive via the ReefLink. 

Unlock even more features and enjoy simplified programming through EcoTech's free online control platform - EcoSmartLive. 


Flow: 3,100 gph (11,500 lph)
Wireless: Included
Max Head Pressure: 21.5 feet (6.5m)

Footprint: 4.5 in. x 7 in. (114mm x 177mm)

Fittings: Input: 1.5 in. (38 mm) Output: 1 in (25mm)

Programmable: Yes
Return Mode: Yes
Closed Loop Mode: Yes
ESL/ReefLink: Yes
Feed Mode: Yes
Battery Backup Compatible: Yes

   Key Features:

1) 32 Volts for more power and less wattage draw.

2) Accessory port - add an optical or level switch ( accessories coming soon ) as an example that will turn your return pump off if your sump runs out of water. Will communicate to all Ecotech Marine Products.

3) Quiet drive - Under 1db running noise over ambient noise level = Quietest return pump on the market to our knowledge !!.

4) Notifications - Capable of sending you and email (via Ecosmart live ) if something goes wrong.

5) Integrated storm mode that can be programmed to clean detritus from your display each day.

6) Smart feed mode allows you to stop loosing food into your overflow but will protect you from potential start up issues.

7) Calibration - Only return pump on the market you can Calibrate. Very cool feature that allows you to set maximum speed or even how fast your pump will run on battery back up mode.

8) Gyre mode for closed loop users.